1 puppet, 1 human

Pairs of socks
for the childeren

For Every Puppet a Human

1puppet1human gives Alfred S*cks for free to the ones who need socks, but above all , those who deserve fun in hard times that they have to endure. Like a child in a hospital or a child living in a refuge camp. 

Specially for them Alfred S*cks designed socks that can never be bought, but only can be given. Alfred S*cks based the designs of these socks for 1puppet1human on the puppets Sara and Andre. These unique socks are exclusive made for the kids that 1puppet1human wants to help, so they can feel happy and have fun with their own special puppet friend.  

For every sold pair of Alfred S*cks, half an euro goes to the 1puppet1human foundation. With that money, this foundation will produce and give these specially made socks to the kids that can use some extra fun in their lives. 

Andre & Sara

This are Andre and Sara. They are best friends and play all the time. They share secrets and adventures like friends do. 

Did you know they even make their own movies on YouTube?

These are their socks

Every child deserves fun in hard times

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