Our Story

For every puppet a human

In the 80’s, at the times of the Muppetshow, Fraggle Rock and my good friend Alf, puppets and humans lived as friends and companions side by side. But lately puppets have disappeared out of the public eye. Which is not good for puppets, but isn’t healthy for humanity either, because the fun is disappearing as well. My vision is to have puppets and humans side by side again and Alfred S*cks will make this happen.

Why Socks

The most primal puppets are socks. And you humans love socks. You wear them everyday. We think the best way to get humans in contact with us puppets again, is through socks. That is why Alfred S*cks offers you Dutch Design socks that you can transform into a puppet. So you can wear them, puppet them and above all, love them.

Alfred Koning

My name is Alfred Koning. I am CEO of Alfred S*cks. My main goal in life is to get a human for every puppet, so that we, puppets and humans can live and have fun together, side by side. If every human gets their own Alfred S*cks, my mission will be completed and the world will be a funnier and nicer place to live, for puppets and humans.

I live with my son Andre (7 years) in the Netherlands. Together we have a lot of fun and make the children’s webseries ‘Andre & Alfred’